Bat detector gift set(Save £5.94)

Bat detector gift set(Save £5.94)
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Product Information

This gift pack consists of a Magenta Bat4 bat detector with a caseto fit and a laminated field guide that gives the frequency range of the calls of most British bats. Individually sold here for a total of £75.94 so this represents a saving of almost £6

With a Magenta Bat Detector you can listen to ultrasonic chirps, smacks and clicks from these amazing creatures. Special circuitry detects the human-inaudible sounds emitted by bats and processes them into a form that human hearing can discern.

The Magenta Bat4 Bat Detector is a completely new detector developed from our experience with previous designs. 
All the good features of the original are there, including high level audio output, and built-in front-facing weatherproof loudspeaker. 

* Advanced low noise IC preamplifier stage
* high stability 'easy tuning' linear heterodyne oscillator
* New audio circuits
* Increased gain and sensitivity
* Convenient bottom mounted headphone socket (mutes Loudspeaker)
* Line level tape recorder socket - constant level regardless of volume control
* Top lit calibrated frequency dial

comes with 3 year manufacturers warranty

The case is for use with both the Magenta Bat 4 and Magenta Bat 5 digital bat detectors. It will protect your detector from accidental bumps and scratches and has a convenient carrying strap which is handy for when you're out and about. 


The case is a hard bodied green zipped case. 

 This 8-panel laminated fold-out chart includes all 16 species of bats that live and breed in Britain. Produced in partnership with The Mammal Society, it has two parts; a guide to bat identification in flight using bat detectors and flight patterns; and a key for bat identification in the hand.  Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups

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