Product Information

 It is essential that you keep your feeders as clean as possible to help prevent the spread of disease,but it can be an unpleasant,dirty smelly task!

We will clean your feeders for you.We dismantle them where possible,thoroughly clean,disinfect and re assemble them ready for you to use again.We charge by the hour for this service and can normally clean 3 medium feeders in this time.

Not all feeders will easily dismantle and some may break if attempted so in these cases we will do a surface clean only.Extra large feeders can take an hour alone.

We can also clean garden poles and bird tables.

We supply all cleaning materials and ask that you supply some warm water and maybe a nice cup of tea!

PLEASE NOTE the price quoted is for one hour of our time.If you have more feeders you may need to book extra time,or just let us know by email and we can adjust the price depending on time actually taken.

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