Swift Nest Boxes

Swift Nest Boxes

These breathtaking aerial acrobats are often considered to be an indicator to the arrival of summer when they reach the UK from sub-Saharan Africa in late April or early May.

However Swifts are now struggling to find nesting sites as we smarten up our homes, filling in the gaps that used to provide refuge.

You can help by providing an alternative; ready-to-move-in nest box. As Swifts spend most of their life "on-the-wing", they can find it difficult to use traditional style boxes with front facing entrance holes. We have a range of different Swift boxes that are suitable. Site the box as high as possible, ideally close to the eaves of a building and with a clear "flightpath" as Swifts need to freefall when they leave the nest.

If there are Swifts in the local area but they are not showing any interest in your nest box, playing pre-recorded swift calls nearby can encourage them to investigate a new nest site.

We do not usually keep these boxes in stock and will order them from our supplier as required.This will mean a delay before delivery,that can be several weeks at peak times.

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